Sweet, innocent Fudge would have turned two on  27thOctober 2012.

Instead, she was seized from her home and put to death at the tender age of five months.

To honour her memory, and in support of thousands of innocent dogs who are treated unjustly and handed out death sentences in the name of the draconian law that is BSL…

This day, we launch               THE FUDGE FOUNDATION      

Fudge was a playful, innocent, beautiful pup who lived with her owner Carole in Liverpool.

She was all of five months old. Her little life was full of excitements, discoveries and pleasures every day.

Until, one night, on 22nd March 2011, some people came knocking on the door. They seized Fudge, took her away, and killed her that night.   Beautiful and innocent,

Fudge was a baby. Full of love for everyone she met, she used to frolic in the snow with her two best friends; she would snuggle up  after her nightly glass of Horlicks, secure and content in the belief that the world was full of humans as loving and as kind as her family. 

Fudge’s toys remain scattered around the house, a memory, a reminder of a life tragically and arbitrarily cut short, like so many dogs’ lives are every year, under the unjust, outdated and cruel practice that is BSL.

According to Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) Fudge came under the purview of the Dangerous Dogs Act because she might grow up to look a certain way. It didn’t matter that she was a baby, that she obviously had no history of violence or the tendency to attack anyone, that she was a much-loved family pet, that she was innocent.

Fudge’s sad story brings to mind the tragic case of Lennox, incarcerated in Belfast for over two years, and ultimately put to death earlier this year, despite a worldwide campaign to save him…………… RIP Lennox 

There are thousands of dogs being seized under BSL and being ripped apart from their loving families. It is time to make sure that not one more dog is murdered like Fudge  & Lennox were, that no  human is deprived of the company of their beloved pet because of the law of BSL.

The Fudge Foundation is being launched on Fudge’s second birthday. 

We have a single point agenda: to work AGAINST BSL and FOR those affected by it. 

The first and most important concern of The Fudge Foundation will be to spread awareness about the unfairness and pointlessness of BSL, and about the rights of those affected by BSL.

To point those in need of help and advice to the agencies that will provide the advice needed. The more people learn about the iniquities of BSL, the more this mindless law is in everyone’s mindspace, the quicker they will understand why this inhuman practice must be abolished immediately.

In its activities, The Fudge Foundation will be supporting other organisations  groups & individuals who also want to see breed specific legislation repealed & help those affected by it, such as

 EDDR who have a website and support page on facebook and have been doing wonderful work in this area and have a detailed section on dog law on their website.

As part of The Fudge Foundation’s initiatives, we will also soon start Fudgie’s Family

a group for school kids everywhere where they enlist support and spread awareness of BSL among their friends.

The idea is to create awareness at a basic level especially for children, since family pets are often a child’s best friend, and children would be the quickest to see the unjustness of BSL.

This initiative will be led by Fudge’s two closest friends Elle and Kenzie.


We cannot change the world in a day, or protect the thousands of dogs targeted by BSL in an instant. BUT, we can start by making a difference to one dog at a time—and one day, the world will have changed and become a kinder, gentler place. 

For each dog that we save, we will feel that we are saving Fudge—over and over and over—as she should have been saved. We think this is the most appropriate gift that we can give Fudge on her second birthday. 

Come, joinThe Fudge Foundation, and pledge to make a difference today. Spread the word, build opinion, galvanize forces, solicit donations, and work in any way you can for the innocent dogs worldwide who are suffering because of BSL, who are being done away with even as we speak.

If you have or ever had a pet that you love, you owe this to them.  

BSL in a Can